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Iowa home of Lee E. Travis

West President 1925.jpg
Photograph of ASHA's first President, Robert W. West

Dr. Robert W. West.jpg
Photograph of Robert West in his office

Travis Honors.jpg
Photograph of Lee E. Travis

First page of the Minutes from the first meeting of the American Academy of Speech Correction on Dec. 29, 1925

Sara Stinchfield Hawk President.jpg
Photograph of ASHA's first female president

1001 Connecticut.TIF
Photograph of 1st National Office in Washington DC

1001 staff Luella Cannon .jpg
Photograph of Luella Cannon, ASHA's second full time employee

1001 moving day from DC.TIF
Photograph of moving vans on moving day from 1st National Office to 2nd National Office

photograph of front doors at 1001 Connecticut Ave., Washington DC
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