Introduction to Journals


Cover of the Journal of Speech Disorders, March 1939

“The publications of any learned society must always represent one of its most intensive and extensive endeavors. When viewed as a whole, the publications of the American Speech and Hearing Association represent a series of distinguished accomplishments reflecting the changes and growth of the organization.”

- A History of the American Speech and Hearing Association 1925-1958, 1970

The feasibility of publishing a journal for the then American Society for the Study of Disorders of Speech was discussed as early as 1932 at the annual convention held in St. Louis, Missouri. A committee of three was appointed to look into the matter and submit definite plans at the next annual convention. But it was not until 1935, when membership had reached eighty-seven, did the Association, which had changed names in 1934 and was now the American Speech Correction Association, feel confident about this undertaking. It was voted to name the Association’s official organ, the Journal of Speech Pathology, but this was later reconsidered and the name was changed to the Journal of Speech Disorders.

Introduction to Journals